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Remote access to GM/CA @ APS beamlines with NxPlayer

NxPlayer (also known as NX Enterprise Player) is a new NX™ client. Since the NxPlayer interface is very different from that of previously deployed NxClient and OpenNX, this guide is supposed to help users with transitioning to new software and configuring NxPlayer.

1. Download and install NxPlayer for your operating system from the NOMACHINE Enterprise downloads (look for the Players section). Alternatively, provided you have Java operational in your web browser, NxPlayer can be automatically installed from the GM/CA web site through Table-1. An advantage of the later method is that you will not need administrative privileges on your computer. However, be prepared to see many warnings due to recent Java security enhancements.

2. If you manually installed NxPlayer, then download a preconfigured NX session file from Table-2. In case of automatic player installation through Table-1, the session picked on Table-1 will load automatically.

3. As soon as you downloaded the session file to your computer, double-click on the saved file to open it with NxPlayer. If the nxs file extensions are not associated with NxPlayer, then start NxPlayer, skip to "Recent connections" screen, click on the "Open a connection" icon and load <saved_file.nxs>. This step is not needed when using automatic NxPlayer installation on the GM/CA website.

4. Accept the RSA key of the GM/CA computer you are connecting to (on first connection only):

4. Enter your username and password so that the player can connect to respective computer at the GM/CA @ APS:

5. On the next screen the player offers you a choice of available session types. It can be: connect to physical display (the one used by on-site staff), shadow an existing session (if it exists), connect to a previously created sessions (for example, after you lost connection due to a network problem) or create a new virtual desktop. Normally, at start we select "New virtual desktop":

6. Next three screens instruct users how to control the NxPlayer. Note that the NxPlayer menu is called by pressing Ctrl+Alt+0, and then check the box "Don't show this message again" and press "OK" on each of the three screens:

7. Enjoy the remote connection to the GM/CA @ APS. The rest steps how to launch detector servers (Eiger-16M, Pilatus3-6M, or Rayonix-300) and JBluIce are described in FAQ.



NOTE: We do not recommend trying to setup your own sessions, but if you decide so, keep in mind that you need to choose the SSH protocol on port 22 instead of NX protocol on port 4000 and the NoMachine login instead of system login:

GM/CA @ APS is an Office of Science User Facility operated for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory

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